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Is your medical record indexing filled with “clicks?” These tiny taps may not seem like much by themselves, but mouse clicks can ruin your filing efficiency over time. Eliminating clicks is a must to improve your indexing efficiency.

Each click takes about one second when decision-making and cursor navigation are factored in. We also calculate that manual filing requires about 1,000,000 clicks per year for every five providers in your organization—that’s 55.5 hours of clicking.

Use the slider below to calculate how much time your team spends “clicking” each year.

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Ready to reduce the clicks?

Tip 1: Time your indexing daily. Track how long a fax or scan sits in your EMR indexing queue before arriving in the correct patient chart. The results may shock you.

Tip 2: Evaluate your workflows. Optimize every step of your indexing process. Reduce time and effort at every turn. Your administrators will likely have some suggestions for you.

Tip 3: Consider outsourcing. A software-enabled service, like SmartFiler, automates the filing process to dramatically decrease indexing times. All it takes is one “click” from your team.

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