By DISC Corporation | October 20, 2021

While automation is nice, technology isn’t perfect. From time to time, computers and software need help from humans to avoid annoying, frustrating, and perhaps harmful mistakes—like when important emails wind up in your spam folder.

This is especially true for indexing in your medical group’s patient records. While it’s true that automation software can dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of your indexing, it’s essential to have a contingency plan.


Otherwise, your group is vulnerable to mistakes caused by unattended automation:


  • Handwriting or small font sizes are difficult for the application to read.
  • Low contrast scans make it tough for the software to read the text.
  • Legible information gets overlooked when the technology is presented with a formatting layout it has never seen before.

These mistakes can lead to problems that affect your providers, staff, and patients. If a provider doesn’t have the information they need, administrators are often sent scrambling to find it at the last minute. Hopefully, they find it right away. If not, the patient is at greater risk of receiving treatment based on incomplete data.

Over time, these types of issues can become potentially serious problems. The solution relies on the oldest technology there is: the human mind.

Service is the solution to unattended automation

The first step to creating an accurate filing system is to use high-quality, reliable software. Not all automation applications are created equal, and it’s essential to choose one that’s as close to perfect as you can get. 

After all, if your team is constantly troubleshooting and correcting mistakes made by the software, how much benefit is the software really bringing to your organization?

But even the best filing software needs a little help from time to time. That’s why truly accurate indexing requires the help of highly-trained experts who can finish the job when the software isn’t sure what to do with a document.

Think of these experts as your “human safety net.” You don’t need them very often, but when you do, you’re sure glad they’re there. 

For example, suppose an eFax comes in with a low-quality scan, lots of illegible handwriting, and uses a form the technology has never seen before. In that case, a trained expert will check the document and manually index it right away.

Choose Attended Automation to Improve Accuracy

That’s the managed service offered by SmartFiler. We use technology to quickly and accurately process every record. And our highly-trained experts are constantly monitoring the system to make sure each document is indexed to the correct place. 

It’s a process we call “attended automation,” and it ensures an overall accuracy rate of up to 99.99%. All documents are filed within 4 to 24 hours, and your team barely has to lift a finger

The result is a complete transformation of how your medical group handles and accesses patient information. Providers finally have all of the information they need right when and where they need it. Your administrative staff won’t have to frantically search for missing documents. And your patients will receive elevated care with lower risk and higher satisfaction.

For more information on SmartFiler and how our software-enabled managed service can help your organization, please reach out to us.

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