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By DISC Corporation | February 15, 2022

“The 5+ year partnership between DISC and Keena makes automatic filing and indexing really easy, especially being able to task physicians within Allscripts TouchWorks. Our clients are seeing excellent results improving access times and the accuracy of unstructured patient documentation.” 

– Craig Luce
Founding Partner of Keena Healthcare Technology

Manually filing patient medical records is a slow, time-consuming process that’s highly prone to mistakes. But an automated indexing service like SmartFiler relieves a substantial amount of your team’s administrative workload by making sure every document is quickly and correctly filed into the EHR.

SmartFiler also works seamlessly with Keena Healthcare Technology’s InteleFiler solution, which offers a straightforward TouchWorks interface for automatically tasking providers and closing orders within Allscripts. 

Filing and indexing with SmartFiler

The primary problem with manual indexing is that it requires cumbersome workflows and countless mouse clicks that take a lot of time to perform. And when your team is entering data by hand, there really isn’t a faster option. They have to repeat the inefficient process over and over, one document at a time. 

It simply takes too long, and documents wind up coming in faster than they can be filed. This often creates a backlog of potentially crucial patient information sitting unnoticed in the queue.

But SmartFiler from DISC can change all of that. SmartFiler is a technology-enabled service that offers the administrative relief your team needs, reducing indexing time by up to 95%

Here’s how it works. Instead of relying on staff for manual data entry, SmartFiler’s advanced technology reads every document and correctly files it within your EHR in as little as four hours. If there’s ever anything tricky, like a blurry eFax for example, our team of highly-trained human experts is standing by 24/7 to ensure an accuracy rate of up to 99.99%. 

For Allscripts customers, SmartFiler’s value is enhanced when paired with the provider tasking and order closing capabilities of Keena Healthcare Technology’s InteleFiler.

SmartFiler + Keena’s InteleFiler

After SmartFiler processes incoming documents, some Allscripts customers find it difficult to automatically task physicians to review documents. Thankfully, Keena’s InteleFiler solution provides the necessary interface for assigning tasks based on the rules and information provided by SmartFiler. 

During the indexing process, SmartFiler automatically alerts InteleFiler if a review is needed. If so, InteleFiler sends a notification to the appropriate provider in Allscripts asking them to review the document that’s waiting for them in the patient’s record. And all of this happens with no additional effort from your team.

By working together in this way, SmartFiler and InteleFiler reduce the time your team spends filing and indexing patient records, tasking physicians for review, and closing orders. This improves the quality and speed of care while also reducing treatment delays that hinder patient and provider satisfaction

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And because of Keena’s long-standing relationship with Allscripts, Intelefiler provides additional integration support services that simplify the implementation of SmartFiler. This frees your staff’s time to focus on other important responsibilities that help improve the patient experience.

It’s also worth noting that DISC and Keena are agile and hands-on with support. The two work side-by-side to help customers every step of the way, always ready with best-in-class service. You get the solutions and support you need without the hassle, runarounds, and dead ends that sometimes come with larger corporate vendors.

Contact DISC today to learn how your organization can benefit from the partnership between SmartFiler and InteleFiler.


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