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Indexing Patient Records

Inaccuracy is one of the biggest problems of medical record indexing.

Even a 1% inaccuracy rate can result in 50,000 medical record errors per 1,000 providers.

And mistakes are bound to happen when entering patient data by hand.

  • Documents sent to the wrong provider
  • Documents absent from records, waiting to be filed
  • Open referral loops

Automate your filing workflows

SmartFiler automates your medical record filing process to drive powerful results:

  • Avoid information delays with patient records filed in as little as 4 hours—guaranteed.
  • Eliminate billions of clicks across various EHR platforms like Epic, Allscripts, Cerner, Athena, NextGen, eCW, and more.
  • Boost your accuracy rate up to 99.99% with cutting-edge technology and expert support.
  • Keep it simple. SmartFiler is easy to implement with no software management required.

Closing the Loop

How many open referral and diagnostic orders are in your EHR? Are you trying to close them, but always falling further behind?

Closing the loop maintains EHR data quality.
Open loops can cause serious downstream issues:

  • Physicians don’t have critical patient information.
  • Patients don’t know the extent and implications of their condition.
  • Inefficient, low-quality reporting places patients at risk.

Automate your referral workflows

  • Elevate the quality of care with guaranteed action on critical patient information.
  • Increase provider satisfaction with complete, accurate patient records.
  • Reduce the administrative burden from staff up to 95%.
  • Improve quality metrics with technology and expert support.

Chart Abstraction

When implementing a new EHR, high-quality chart abstraction makes sure  
all of your patient information migrates to your new system.

Manual data entry is inefficient—especially while switching to a new EHR.

Your team is too busy for that, and hand-keyed data has a high probability of mistakes.

With over a decade of experience, DISC is the quality standard for chart abstraction. 

We’ve learned many lessons and developed the best methods to get the job done right every time.

We share that knowledge with member of our team, sending them through a rigorous, state-of-the-art training program with mandatory quality assurance tests.

If you’re transitioning away from paper, DISC’s chart conversion services make it fast and simple—with no software to buy.

  • Finally ditch those cumbersome, click-intensive workflows.
  • Get critical patient data when and where it’s needed most.
  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Focus on the patient experience and organizational growth.


We are experts at helping your practices develop a complete document workflow solution. DISC is able to work with practices that are
new to EHR, are currently doing their own clinical chart abstracting of medical records and everything in between.

We begin with our simple assessment and then develop a customized solution ensuring your practice EHR success.

Our abstraction services are designed to ensure safe transfer of your critical patient data by utilizing:

  • Industry skilled staff includes physician residents and assistants, CMT's, dentists and nurses
  • State of the art training program with required quality assurance tests
  • No client workspace needed since all processing is performed remotely

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