How to Switch to Epic EHR with Minimal Disruption to Filing and Indexing Medical Records

This white paper explains the risks of changing EHRs, the 5 ways Epic does things differently, and steps to improve indexing speed during EHR transition. Download your copy today.

Changing EHRs is a type of disruption that can affect your providers’ ability to provide timely patient care. Ideally, you want to limit and control these disruptions so that changing EHRs can be as “simple” as flipping a switch. Organizations who switch to Epic are the most prone to experiencing a backlog due to some key differences in the way Epic handles document filing and indexing.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Five key differences in how Epic EHR handles incoming patient documents versus other major EHR vendors
  • How those differences will hamper your filing and indexing speed if they are not addressed before your go-live date
  • Step-by-step solutions to prepare your HIM team for a seamless transition
  • Tools and services to improve filing and indexing speed and accuracy
  • Examples of large organizations who successfully switched to Epic EHR while improving their indexing workflows