Automate your medical record filing

Our technology, workflows, and people make it easy

SmartFiler Technology

SmartFiler transforms your slow, manual indexing process into an efficient workflow that frees staff time to focus on other responsibilities.

Instead of hand-keying data into your EHR, SmartFiler automatically reads incoming documents and accurately files them into the correct patient record.

All it takes is a few “clicks” from your staff, and we handle the rest.

HIM Experts

DISC has worked in health information management since 1948.

We’ve experienced the paper-based methods of recordkeeping. We understand the need for change. We know how to implement the best improvements.

Our team is filled with industry experts, and many have been with DISC for more than a decade.

Because of our vast experience, we’ve been able to help hundreds of organizations boost their bottom lines by eliminating costly, outdated filing processes.

Proven Process

Here’s what your filing process could look like with help from DISC.

Step 1:

Unfiled papers, faxes, and electronic documents are sent into our SmartFiler system.

Step 2:

SmartFiler combines leading technology with data experts to correctly assess the information.

Step 3:

Documents are auto-filed in your EHR following your requirements. Physicians are tasked, orders are completed, and more.

Centralized vs Decentralized

Learn how SmartFiler has helped other organizations reduce indexing time and increase accuracy:

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