Download the Patient Chart Audit Guide

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You can now download the Patient Chart Audit Guide and our bonus Audit Template by clicking the buttons below!

Bonus: Patient Chart Audit Template

Use this free Excel template to record and analyze the results of your patient chart audit. With it you can:

  • Record data: Enter document audit data from your electronic medical record.
  • Track errors: Verify the accuracy of each record using a simple dropdown menu.
  • Generate reports: Automatically calculate the results of your audit, including audit statistics and error rate percentages.
  • Identify problem areas: Uncover the most common types of errors in your EMR.

Schedule a free patient chart assessment today

Need help conducting your first audit? Let the experts at DISC walk you through the audit process during a free, 30-minute patient chart assessment. During this call, we’ll cover:

●    An overview of how to conduct an audit using your own electronic medical record.
●    A customized assessment of potential problem areas.
●    Improvement ideas based on your specific pain points.