Case Studies

Learn about how healthcare systems and medical practices are reducing the impact of inaccurate medical record indexing on patient safety, and improving the efficiency of their operations.

How a tri-state network reduced document indexing time even while restructuring operations.

When a tri-state network quadrupled the number of locations they supported, they centralized administrative operations to improve efficiency in their newly acquired markets. As part of this centralization process, they also moved their fax and scan processes to a central location. During this transition, it was vital that their document indexing not slow down, even as additional clinics were brought on board. But the considerable number of additional personnel needed to keep up with the sheer volume of indexing would require too many resources and more space than was available.

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How a multi-specialty medical group
improved fax and scan workflows while switching from NextGen EHR to Epic EHR

When it was time for a Michigan-based, multi-specialty medical group to switch EHRs from NextGen to Epic, they wanted to be sure the inevitable disruption of the change wouldn’t affect patient care. A top priority was ensuring patient health information would remain accessible and accurate at all times, so providers could give the best care, without interruption.

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How an integrated delivery network maintained speedy, accurate document indexing during EHR switch from NextGen to Epic

When a St Louis-based integrated delivery network (IDN)
decided to make the switch from NextGen to Epic, they worked
with DISC to make the transition as smooth as possible. DISC staff provided strategic guidance and training through the EHR switch allowing them to improve both efficiency and accuracy, giving physicians the information they need to provide the best care without interruption.

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How a Colorado Health Services Group Reduced Document Indexing Time from 40 Hours to 4 Hours

When this Colorado Health Services Group expanded to serve more patients, the number of medical records that needed to be indexed and filed surged. With millions of pages of records to process each year, it became increasingly difficult to keep up. Refusing to sacrifice timeliness or accuracy, this group sought ways to become more efficient. SmartFiler’s human-powered indexing technology, allowed them to drastically improve their order-matching process while keeping pace with the ever-increasing volume of documents to index and orders to close.

Colorado Health Group