Optimizing and automating medical record management and document indexing of patient records leads to improved access and reporting, lowers risk and frustration of providers and staff.

Our medical record technology solutions help you keep up with the increasing influx of EHR records, filing accuracy and accessibility.

Healthcare operations and IS leaders are now searching for tools to optimize the flow of these difficult to integrate medical record document sources such as fax, paper, and other non-integrated feeds. ECRI, a well-respected nonprofit authority on medical practices, recently cited diagnostic and test result management (close the loop), burnout and its impact on safety, and process standardization in large groups as 3 of its top 10 patient safety concerns across the continuum of care. Our HIM solutions are designed to solve these issues when they occur in the medical chart management processes.

With advanced technologies such as robotics process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR) alongside the power of our incredibly-experienced and dedicated people, our technology-enabled services and solutions help you stay ahead of the increasing influx of these sources of EHR patient records, while boosting filing accuracy and accessibility for providers and staff. Our proven industry-leading solutions not only report tripling your staff productivity, but are also highly scalable and have up to 99.999% accuracy rates.

The question is – do you want to process this information the old fashioned, manual keystroke by keystroke way or would you prefer to automate?

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Patient Chart Filing

Eliminate missing and unfiled medical records by automating the indexing process of any non-integrated source documents.

Paper to EHR

Optimize the intake of paper documents brought in by patients, printed internally or on the fax machine, or from mail.

Full Chart to EHR

Eliminate massive piles of paper or electronic charts such as PDF’s by integrating them into your EHR, EMR, ECM, document management system or archival system of choice.

EHR Batch Filing

Finally clear out all those batches of unfiled documents sitting in your EHR filing queue by auto-filing them to their proper place in your patients’ charts.

Closing the Loop

Boost quality measure reporting such as MACRA, MIPS, etc. by automatically associating documents to open referrals and diagnostic orders and closing the loop.

Fax to EHR

Boost accuracy and speed of indexing documents received via fax transmissions from any electronic fax solution.

Patient Chart Abstraction

Save staff time and frustration by moving discrete data such as medication lists, allergies, histories and more from legacy systems to your current EHR.

Why an Automated Medical Record?


Improve safety and reduce risk for your patients and organization by eliminating missing or misfiled documentation containing critical patient information.


Take the robot out of the human and reduce provider and staff burnout. No more tedious mouse miles and monotonous clicking of indexing medical records and keying clinical data.


Earn the quality reporting scores you deserve by optimizing diagnostic and referral order documentation and closing the loop automatically.

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