Chart Abstraction

support physicians and meet reporting requirements by abstracting medical records discrete data (PAMI) and more from a legacy system to your EHR

It is a question you will find your physicians and practice managers asking as you move forward in your new EHR implementation. High quality, clinical chart abstraction ensures useful data such as allergies, medical lists, and patient history migrate into your new system.

Unfortunately, no one has the time to complete this tedious, click and thought-intensive, manual process, patient after patient. All while maintaining the needed accuracy for excellent EMR charting.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as adding highly trained staff capable of extracting this key patient information, all while in the midst of an EHR change or new implementation.

So this means clinically pertinent patient information may not be accessible at the time it is most needed for clinical decision-making purposes.

“There's ZERO time to abstract medical records in addition to everything else.”

Why Is clinical Chart Abstraction so Important?

  • Be better prepared for Meaningful Use measures important to you
  • Improve physician and medical records staff morale by removing abstraction burden
  • Count on your consistent, standardized data collection process
  • Grow your organization painlessly with outsourced support

Our chart abstraction services ensure all vital information is accessible in your patients’ electronic medical records for your physicians and reporting needs.

DISC is setting the standard for quality and delivery of medical record abstraction services which helps physicians utilize their EHR effectively. Simply provide us access to your EHR remotely, and we’ll extract all the relevant data from your scanned documents and fields in your legacy system, entering the data into various locations in your new system.

It’s really that easy.

Combined with DISC’s chart conversion services, you can make the transition from paper to electronic easily and affordably for that practices making a full paper transition. Our chart abstraction services allow you to:

  • Hand-off troublesome click-intensive workflows with DISC’s experienced clinical staff
  • Improve patient care and provider satisfaction by guaranteeing your critical patient data is where it needs to be when it needs to be there
  • Dramatically reduce your staff time and give much needed additional time back to them when they need it the most - during a transition to EHR
  • No software to buy or manage making it simpler to implement and provide support going forward

We are experts at helping your practices develop a complete document workflow solution. DISC is able to work with practices that are new to EHR, are currently doing their own clinical chart abstracting of medical records and everything in between.

We begin with our simple assessment and then develop a customized solution ensuring your practice EHR success.

Our abstraction services are designed to ensure safe transfer of your critical patient data by utilizing:

  • Industry skilled staff includes physician residents and assistants, CMT’s, dentists and nurses
  • State of the art training program with required quality assurance tests
  • No client workspace needed since all processing is performed remotely

How it works.

Chart Abstraction
Clinical Chart Abstraction

“DISC held our hand and made the whole process as easy as possible. DISC handled our project extremely efficiently, meeting deadlines, and delivering outstanding quality.”


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