Boost quality measures reporting such as MACRA, MIPS, etc. by automatically closing the loop when you receive referral and diagnostic documentation via fax, paper or electronic sources.

Many times, your patient meets with an outside provider you referred them to, but when the documents from that outside visit are received and not properly linked to that patient’s order in your EHR, you have a breakdown in both patient care and in quality reporting (MIPS High Priority Measure 374).

Due to this improper linking during your operations’ filing process, massive lists of open orders are typically found in your EHR. In fact, we’ve seen organizations with lists in the hundreds of thousands of open referral and diagnostic orders. If you have a list, chances are you’re working through those lists one by one, hoping to avoid what can happen if this isn’t handled properly:

The end result is more patient risk and, at the same time, less dollars tied to quality measures. Don’t believe us? Check out the #1 pick on ECRI’s top 10 patient safety concerns for 2019, test result management, and their concern over this “close the loop” workflow. Time to get this issue under control.

A Breakdown in Patient Care and Quality.


If you don’t know if you have a quality metrics issue related to closing orders, immediately run a report in your EHR.  Then, see how many open orders you have and consider the potential consequences of each of those patients impacted.

If you’d like to do a more complete audit of your medical record document indexing workflow, download our 4 Step Patient Chart Audit Guide.

Closing the loop on outside referrals has never felt this automated.


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