Eliminate diagnostic errors and other patient safety issues by clearing out batches of unfiled documents sitting in your EHR or EMR filing queue by auto-filing them to their proper place in your patients’ charts.

With sources of these unfiled documents piled up in your EHR coming in from all angles (paper, fax, PDF’s, full charts, old EHRs and more), it’s no surprise that managing this effectively can be challenging. Why? Each data source has its own set of unique rules and policies around filing. Yet your users scan or import these documents into a batch in your EHR or document management software then don’t have the time to complete the filing process. And then it piles up. Sometimes creating very big piles.

What happens next? Physicians are not following up on lab results, orders aren’t being closed and documents are missing.

One of the key reasons for this tough to tackle issue is that there are likely dozens or maybe even hundreds of staff within your organization that are filing these documents. Each page of these documents could require dozens of clicks in your EHR to file and index accurately to your Epic, Allscripts, NextGen medical records… you get the point. That’s potentially more than one hundred million clicks of filing per year, depending on the size of your organization.

With that type of volume, expect an enormous amount of room for error and lots of room for optimization and standardization with DISC solutions.

More Than One Hundred Million Clicks Per Year.

Do I Have a Problem?

Ask yourself these questions…

Does your batch filing queue have unfiled patient chart documents older than the HIMSS recommended 24 hours ? How many and how old are they?
Are there documents coming in paper and fax that are not being sent to the provider each time they are required to be?

We Eliminate Hundreds of Millions of Clicks Every Year.

Finally, a solution to automate the batch filing process in the document management module of your EHR. SmartFiler gives your staff and providers time back, while giving you the ability to oversee this workflow more efficiently.

We have eliminated billions of clicks in our customers’ EHRs and ECM platforms such as Epic, Allscripts, Cerner, Athena, NextGen, eCW, OnBase and more.

Our Fax to Chart Solutions allow you to:


3 steps to EHR Batch Queue Filing by DISC Corporation

“With over 100 locations and 600 providers standardization of medical record filing is difficult. SmartFiler™ is nimble and allows for custom rules based on our unique needs. Now our staff can focus their time on the most important part of medicine, taking exceptional care of our patients.”

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