Give your providers and staff millions of EHR clicks a year of their time and effort back by automating fax medical records indexing workflow. No doubt the most difficult part of managing electronic and paper faxes.

Every 5 providers in your organization generates about 1,000,000 clicks a year in medical record indexing for your staff. So yes, for every 50 providers expect 10M clicks a year in this tedious, manual processing of documents, mostly fax documents. Fax documents may be coming in electronically, or perhaps you’re still using paper fax machines. Either way, these patient records need to find their home in the chart as soon as possible.

In fact, well-respected nonprofit authority on medical practices, ECRI, recently released their top 10 patient safety concerns across the continuum of care. At the top was diagnostic and test result management (close the loop). The problem is real!

This very issue starts when those documents hit your fax machine or fax server. This difficult workflow can negatively impact your patient care AND quality measures related to closing orders. All due to the millions of clicks and the resulting unfortunate clinical errors that happen naturally when people like us click millions of times, over and over.

10,000,000 Clicks a Year per 50 Providers.

Is there a Problem?

Ask yourself these three questions…

Do physicians report delays in accessing and reviewing faxed lab results and other diagnostic results in EHR?
Is the click-by-click chart indexing process your staff utilizes in your EHR document management system leading to errors in filing to the wrong chart or document type?
Who on your staff is doing all of this clicking and, more importantly, what could they do with the extra time if you eliminated those clicks?

We Eliminate Fax Medical Record Indexing Clicks.

Up to 99% of those fax filing clicks actually. Our medical record indexing solutions can take your fax documents, read them like a human would, and file them straight to your patient chart. Over, and over and over.

SmartFiler, our automated medical record indexing solution, has been designed to ingest fax documents from any source and any vendor. Paper. Electronic. Right Fax. eFax. Sfax. And once SmartFiler takes over, our advanced capture engines collect everything required for each of your documents and send them safely into your electronic patient record.

Best of all, when our machine learning, OCR, ICR and other technologies need a little help, our experts fill in the gaps to ensure we drive those clicks down and your productivity up.

Our Fax to EHR Chart Solutions allow you to:


fax medical record indexing
fax medical record indexing

“We selected DISC because of their reputation and their ability to duplicate and automate a very labor-intensive process. We were picky about how we file documents. Fortunately, DISC’s solution was able to duplicate our processes to avoid any disruption to our patient care.”

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