Full Chart Conversion to EHR

Eliminate massive piles of paper or electronic charts such as PDF’s or paper charts by scanning them into your EHR, ECM or archival system for risk reduction and safekeeping.

Legacy information is defined as any patient chart information that’s not in your EHR system. If your organization is growing through acquisition or is storing historical paper charts or legacy EHR data, then this problem is affecting you. Storing legacy information of any kind, paper or electronic, can be risky, costly, and completely unnecessary. Think about:

Patient chart conversions of legacy paper or electronic information reduces risk and cost.

We Have Your Chart Conversions Covered.

We’ve been providing patient chart conversion and medical records scanning services longer than Bill Gates has been alive (true story). We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves.

Whether it’s our dedicated and experienced staff to our cutting edge technology, we have you covered. Full paper or electronic charts? If they’re legacy charts of some kind, we’ll get them into your current chart.

Our Full Chart Conversion Solutions WILL:


Chart conversion
chart conversion

“This allowed us to enhance patient care through information accessibility, enabling us to experience financial savings more quickly. Our transcription savings will offset our conversion costs.”

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