Medical Records Indexing

Eliminate missing and unfiled documents in EHR by automating the medical record indexing and filing workflow so documents flow straight into your patients' charts.

The most common issue plaguing daily medical records indexing and filing procedures is missing and misfiled documents. Whether these documents are filed to an incorrect patient record, the wrong document type is used, or they are sent to the wrong provider, accuracy is usually the culprit.

They may even be missing altogether because the staff just hasn’t gotten to them yet. You could even see quality reporting issues due to manual closing the loop procedures.

Problems You’ll Encounter


Do you receive complaints regarding the filing of medical records, such as documents being filed in the wrong patient chart or providers not receiving tasks for review?​
Do you have clinics that can’t keep up or follow standardized medical record indexing and filing procedures and policies?

Your physicians and clinics generate and receive large volumes of paper and electronic information that must get indexed into your electronic medical record. Clinical documents are typically indexed to the medical record by hand-keying or by manual data entry using staff.

Unfortunately, it’s a fact that hand-keying is typically less than 99% accurate, leading to problems with at least 1% or more of your medical record documents. These are the types of errors that are unavoidable with humans and manual processes.

Why Indexing Patient Records Every Day is Hard

Smartfiler, a solution to automate the filing of medical records in your EHR.


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“Our workflow was effective, however, we were very concerned that with our growth we would continue to add staff resources. This methodology eliminates the indexing of faxes and paper and the resulting need for an inefficient paper-based medical record system.”

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