the intake of paper chart documents brought in by patients, printed, and from fax and mail.

Despite the dream of a truly paperless office post-EHR implementation, the reality is that’s just not possible. Most offices today are still receiving lots of medical documents via internal forms, mail, fax and patients.

These paper documents are often seen in outside referrals and diagnostic reports, full patient charts, patient registration, internal clinical workflows, HIPAA acknowledgments, and more.

Beyond that, paper faxes, mail and even full health records continue flowing in, causing tedious, manual processing into EHR and leading to downstream issues such as missing or misfiled patient records, open orders, and more.


Is My Paper Intake Workflow Optimized?

Observe your HIM business process. Spend some time at a clinic observing the paper workflows each time a patient visits, along with observing how follow-up paper documents flow into EHR. Then ask yourself:

Are the same processes always used?
How do staff enter this information into our EHR?​
What type of information gets entered per document? ​
How quickly is this information available to our providers? ​

Why Are Paper Documents Such a Pain?

Although there are lots of solutions to eliminate paper, these sources are still adopted as the path of least resistance. Some physicians still love their paper. And your electronic medical record functionality isn’t being updated with the best technology to improve and automate the ridiculously painful process of manually filing these paper documents to your electronic patient records.

Unfortunately, it’s a fact that hand-keying or data entry is typically less than 99% accurate, leading to problems with at least 1% or more of your electronic medical record documents. Those errors lead to patient safety issues and other downstream troubles mentioned earlier.


Our healthcare clients around the country love SmartFiler for three key reasons:

  • Seamless Integration of your Paper Documents into your EHRs’ Patient Charts by Automating the Most Troublesome Part, Filing and Indexing, Utilizing our Technology-Enabled Service, SmartFiler.
  • Improve patient care and provider satisfaction by guaranteeing these paper documents are safely filed away in 4 to 24 hours (recommended by HIMSS) using our AI-based, attended robotics process automation solution. And no software to buy or manage making it simpler to implement and support going forward
  • Automation of the filing part of the process, by far the most time consuming part of the workflow. 80% of this workflow process time is spent doing the manual indexing procedure in your EHR document management system. Expect up to 95% time reduction and an elimination of millions of clicks per year in this area when using a combination of SmartFiler’s technology and experienced SmartFiler data validation staff.


Chart scanning
chart scanning

“With over 100 locations and 600 providers standardization of medical record filing is difficult. SmartFiler™ is nimble and allows for custom rules based on our unique needs. Now our staff can focus their time on the most important part of medicine, taking exceptional care of our patients.”

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