Looking for the company that’s spent over 70 years delivering business process management solutions to healthcare? Fantastic. You found us.

We Know What You Need

We know the pressure is building to do more with less. That’s why we’re here. You want more efficient, faster, and safer ways to manage your patient records, while reducing patient risk and load on your providers and staff. We do that with a smile.

In the interest of more detail, we provide a wealth of services to healthcare organizations, including automated patient chart filing, fax to EHR, clinical abstraction, closing the loop and more to fit snugly in with your quality improvement initiatives.

Our BetterChart Philosophy

We want your patients to have a BetterChart, an electronic medical record with the right information available at the right time for the right people. We build solutions with that in mind, and blend together the power of great people and advanced technology to create solutions customers love.

Our advanced business process automation technologies like AI, robotics process automation (RPA), machine learning, and OCR are perfectly weaved into our services, giving you access to these technologies in the simplest of ways and giving you back your much-needed time.

Just as one of our customers, a 2000+ provider health system, so aptly stated recently, “Now our staff can focus their time on the most important part of medicine, taking exceptional care of our patients.”


We’re an expert team of people dedicated to strategizing, analyzing, testing and implementing business process management solutions each and every day for our customers and their patients. And, we’re a family of intelligent robots, reading documents, comparing data, making decisions, and reporting on their findings, 24-hours a day. Working in unison. 

All in the name of a BetterChart for all of us.

How We Do It

It’s pretty simple. We live by four virtues – Quality. Innovation. Accountability. Positivity.


DISC is a leading innovator in the document management industry. We’ve been converting and collecting data from medical records into more accessible formats for over 70 years.

We are known for the integrity of our leadership and our exceptional day-to-day customer service reliability. Our long-term partnerships with leading EHR providers, consultants, resellers and hosting companies ensure we stay up to date on the latest industry and software changes and their challenges.


Our solutions have achieved significant and lasting results for some of the nation’s leading healthcare providers.

Solution highlights:

“With over 100 locations and 600 providers, standardization of medical record filing is difficult. SmartFiler™ is nimble and allows for custom rules based on our unique needs within ambulatory medicine. Now our staff can focus their time on the most important part of medicine, taking exceptional care of our patients.”


Solution highlights:

“This allowed us to enhance patient care through information accessibility, enabling us to experience financial savings more quickly.”


Solution highlights:

“This methodology eliminates filing of paper and the resulting need for an inefficient paper-based medical record system. Research showed that DISC provided the solutions to our needs in all critical aspects.”


Solution highlights:

“The DISC team has been incredibly responsive overall. With our continued growth, we are now confident we have a strong, automated filing solution we can count on going forward. We’re thrilled overall.”


Solution highlights:

“DISC saved us lots of headaches and lost time. I only wish we’d scanned all our historical charts in step 1 of our migration, right at the beginning of our EHR project, instead of step 301. Working with DISC turned out to be a big win for us!”


Solution highlights:

“DISC held our hand and made the whole process as easy as possible. DISC handled our project extremely efficiently, meeting deadlines, and delivering outstanding quality.”

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